You are currently viewing Varsity graduand ventures into Landscaping to raise more than ksh250,000 to clear his fee balance.

Varsity graduand ventures into Landscaping to raise more than ksh250,000 to clear his fee balance.

A number of youth have been playing a pivotal role in ensuring they succeed in this life despite the ups and down they keep facing in their daily lives.
27 year-old Clinton Okirigiti Isaac who is yet to graduate from Kisii university in Bachelor of commerce (Accounting) has been forced to venture into landscaping apart from content creation as one way of earn a living and looking for the debts he has to clear his remaining school fee balance.
Clinton,who hails from Kiogoro ward,Nyaribari Chache-Kisii county, joined Kisii university in 2015 and was set to graduate on 2018 but up to now its more than five years that he is out not yet to graduate due to him having a balance of more than ksh 250,000.

Okirigiti in film industry.

Clinton allias Mc Unclebill joined entertainment industry as a youtuber on 2020 during Covid-19 pandemic where he used to upload his skits.

He also played major roles in some of the released movies by Half-moon entertainment like black suit,red dusk among many others.

His social media handles have gained momentum as the videos shared by him keep going viral. He has attained more than 45,000 followers on tiktok, 25,000 on facebook and past 3,000 on youtube.

Unclebill is one of the cameramen behind the face of Kangwana Media apart from Hesbon Oburu.

Clinton in Landscaping.

Growing flowers and making his homestead look beautiful and attractive was always his desire which made him to venture into landscaping.
He got his first job as a landscaper in 2023 which unlocked more opportunities due to referals and his good advertisements on social media platforms such as Facebook,YouTube and TikTok.

“I believe to own unclebill landscapes ,a company that can accomodate more jobless youths.It will help me to become my own boss,”Clinton cited.
He is hopeful through this and many other ways he will be able to raise the money to clear his varsity fees for him to graduate one day.