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“Maximize your ability,”Charles Kangwana urge talented youth.

March 28, 2024 by Charles Kangwana.

Rising media personality Charles Onkui allias Kangwana has urged talented youth to maximize their self-given talents so that they can prosper in terms of dreams fulfillment.
Speaking to Kangwana Media, he noted that a number of youths who are talented in various fields do not showcase their abilities to the world.
“Most of the upcoming talented youth in different fields don’t show the world whatever they have been blessed by God,”he said.
He has urged the use of social media in a required manner as it can be a source of income to anyone who is talented.
Charles suggested that talented ones are supposed to have their social media handles branded to give them a upper hand as they will be promoting themselves.
“One needs to be active on social media platforms,this can make him/her grow easily as they will be selling themselves out to the world,”he added.